A Cowgirl Birthday Cake

A pink and brown cowgirl cake for a cowgirl birthday party. Complete with fondant rope, leather fringed chaps, and cow spots.

Howdy y’all!

Last week I had the opportunity to make a cake for my niece’s 6th birthday.

She was having a Cowgirl themed party.  And she was the cutest lil’ cowgirl ever.
cowgirl birthday cake via eatitandsayyum.com

She picked out a few cakes on Pinterest that she liked, so I pulled some inspiration from those and threw together a cake for her.

I’d like to say that I slaved over the cake for days, like I should have.  But I started working in my husbands office, and I just don’t have time like I used to.  So this was the product of a few rushed hours before the party.  cowgirl birthday cake with pink and brown

My niece was super happy with the cake.  And the party was a great success as well.  My brother built a PVC pipe roping calf for all the kids to practice their lassoing skills on.  It was pretty cute.  My daughter even decided that she wants a cowgirl party for her next birthday.
cowgirl cake from Eat It & Say YumI used this galvanized ice bucket as the cake stand.  I thought it worked perfectly.  And it fit the theme just right.

Anyway, I hope you all had a nice Easter.  Mine was filled with family and friends.  Just how I like it.

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  1. It is awesome, Leia! I am sure your niece loved it! Your other cakes are amazing too… that Curious George is my fave!

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