Floral Cake

For Easter this year I put myself in charge of dessert for our family get together.

I wanted make something festive, and pretty.  So many times I choose something delicious, but easy for these types of gatherings.  But I’ve taken such a long break from cakes, and being creative with my food, that I decided this was a good time to break that streak.

Anyway, here you have my floral cake.

Floral Cake

It was fun to use my piping skills from my cake classes all those years ago.

I need to keep practicing because my hands were pretty shaky, from not using those muscles frequently enough.

The inside was just as pretty as the outside.  It was a lemon poppy seed cake.  Yummy.

Lemon Poppy seed cake- Eat It & Say Yum


What’s is your favorite Spring dessert?

Spring floral Cake- Eat It & Say Yum