Mother’s Day Giveaway

Eeek!  Mother’s Day is coming up!

It’s the one day a year that I get breakfast in bed, sweet cards from my littles, chocolate covered strawberries, AND I don’t have to cook dinner.

Some of those things randomly happen throughout the year, but never all of them- on the same day.

Woot woot!

I also love Mother’s Day because I make a special effort to let my mom know how much I appreciate her.  And I’m sure I can’t ever convey those feelings enough.  So just in case, Mom I love ya!!  Also a little shout out to my Mother-in-law, she’s fabulous, too!

Anyway, this marks the second year that I am participating in a Mother’s Day a Giveaway.  And I’d say it has become a tradition.  I love giving things to my readers.  Especially moms.  So fun.  Mother's Day Giveaway at eatitandsayyum.comThis year the giveaway involved me creating a gift basket that I would like to give or get for Mother’s Day.  So, I took myself to Target for a little shopping spree.

Since I live an hour away from the closest Target, shopping there really is a treat for me.

Anyway, I found lots of fun things.  And I could have sent all those to the winner of the giveaway, but then I’d have to pay for shipping and the prize would have to be valued at less.  (I’m not made of money, people.)  So, instead I’m giving you some gift cards, and you can go pick out exactly what you want.  Plus there is an iTunes gift card because there are some great songs out right now and I want to buy some of them.  (So, just to be clear: the prize is only the gift cards.  The things in the basket are just  suggestions of what you could get with those gift cards.)

So, included in this giveaway is a $40 Target gift card.

Mother's Day Giveaway Target Gift Card

AND a $15 iTunes gift card.

Mother's Day Giveaway $15 iTunes Gift Card

The other items in the basket are what I bought.  So there’s some ideas for what you could buy.  In case you are interested in some of the things I bought…

Sangria Pitcher

Tumblers– I just bought the small ones

White Plate– I only bought one

White Dipping Bowls– I bought two

Hammered Serving Tray– I bought the small one

Prices may vary by location.

So enter away!  And tell your friends, and moms!

And don’t forget to scroll down past the Rafflecopter ’cause I’ve got even more good news for ya!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

So, did I mention this giveaway is part of a whole group of giveaways?!  Awesome, I know.

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78 thoughts on “Mother’s Day Giveaway

  1. I would most likely purchase a bedding set from target. I’ve been trying to find one I like forever and I love what Target usually has!

  2. I have a 2 page list on iTunes for music that I would love to download. At Target? Oh the choices are endless! I love everything there. =)

  3. Target- a new swimsuit and I am sure some clothes for my kiddos! Itunes would probably end up getting kids apps to keep them busy when we are on the go.

  4. I am in need of some new placemats and spoons because I never have enough spoons in my house.My kids use them instead of forks..please don’t ask me

  5. I love the dishes! If I had a gift card to Target I would buy something for my home like new chair pads for my dining table. My 5 yr old son has destroyed them.

  6. I am definitely in need of some new clothes since having my baby. Some fun work out tunes would be awesome as well to try and get this body back in shape!!! Haha
    Thanks for this amazing opportunity <3

  7. i’d use the gift card to buy my mom a brita for mothers day! she’s wanted one for months but doesn’t want to buy one for herself 🙂

  8. From Target I would purchase something for my home. New bedding or decor. iTunes would download a new book!

  9. I live more than an hour away from the nearest target too! So i would probably go baby crazy while i was there….Or I would buy home decor! And from iTunes….Guilty pleasure…I would buy some of the new Britney Spears CDs 😉

  10. Such a fabulous giveaway, Leia! Love giftcards! I’d buy some bath towels for my newly renovated bathroom at Target 🙂 Hope you’re having a great week! xo

  11. The question really should be, “what wouldn’t I buy at Target??” lol 😉 But really, I would probably buy a cute Summer dress!! And on iTunes, I would use that to buy some movies I’ve been eyeballing for a while!

  12. Oh Target! You just can NOT go wrong lol… Love it! I would buy myself some clothes… it’s been too long since Mommy spent money on Mommy!

  13. I always buy way too much when I manage to get to target by myself (i.e. without the kids making it a rush trip)! I would get some new sandals seeing as its starting to heat up here 🙂

  14. The iTunes would go to my son- I’m deaf and I don’t like apple products haha but my son has an itouch. At Target, I would buy my nephew something- he will be 1 next month.

  15. Thanks, Leia! I love being your mom. I could use the gift card with all the moving from one state to another. There are lots of items I need link new shower curtains and towels.

  16. The list for Target could be anything…from adorable clothes for the kids to cute dishes for me! My kids would probably snatch the itunes card before I blinked!

  17. I’d find a cute mother’s day gift for my mom at Target, maybe some new placemats or a couple of cute tops for her.

  18. I would probably buy that pitcher and some new makeup 🙂 Thanks for the great giveaway!

  19. It would be hard to decide what to buy at Target, but I’d probably get something pampering for me!

  20. If I won, I would buy new “springy” stuff for our patio and deck from Target. They have so many great, bright, fun things for spring/summer.

  21. I would use the Target gift card to buy myself a new hand mixer and the itunes gift card to get some new music on my phone.

  22. As single working Mom of 3, I always like to buy my kids cute little outfits or interactive games from Target. They are pretty inexpensive and Target is convenient for my shopping

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