Chicken Quesadillas

Super easy dinner here.  I used left overs to put these quesadillas together, and it was so quick and they tasted amazing. I added each ingredient in layers.  Add them…

Chile Relleno Meatballs

 Note:  Not sure where these photos have gone…  I’m working on getting them back.  🙁 My family has been making these for as long as I can remember, and they…

Black Bean and Chicken Fajitas

So, turns out it’s really hard to post new recipes when your computer isn’t working…  Right now I’m using an old computer that doesn’t always cooperate, so we’ll see how…

Stuffed Burgers

Burgers are probably as American as it gets, when it comes to food. These Chili and Cheese Stuffed burgers should be the reward for everyone who comes to America, or takes the…

Teriyaki Chicken Skewers

Here is a quick and easy recipe for teriyaki chicken.  Cooking it on the grill adds more great flavor, but you can easily cook it under the broiler as well.…

Taco Salad

Spring is here and the weather is warming up. Perfect time for a great salad.

California Tacos

California Tacos This recipe is from a friend of a friend Start with a nice skirt steak,  I use a few pounds.

3 thoughts on “Main Dishes

  1. I love your site! The recipes I’ve made always turn out incredibly, which is important for a single dad. I was wondering if you have a recipe ingredient finder on here? I have some pork that I want to use, but going through all the recipes gets me distracted by all their incredible deliciousness! Please advise.

  2. Leia
    Hope you have your Aunt Susie’s “Chicken Chili Casserole” recipe. A fantastic casserole that my Mom and I both made for years—now I want to make it for my Grandson whom I know will love it too!!! HELP??

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